6 Responses to “Skilled in her old age!”

  1. Cee Pluse

    What a cutie, and smart too! Our old Dalmatian managed to pee around her doggie diaper the one and only time I tried to use one on her – now that takes talent! I still can’t figure out how she did it.

  2. Smartypants

    Aww, I bet she was embarrassed and trying to hide it.

    What a sweetie! Her ears make her look like Carol Channing!

  3. Kristin

    Oh my goodness! Sassy bears a strong resemblance to my black Shih Tzu Elvis, though his gray is less on the muzzle and more behind his ears, Bride of Frankenstein style. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Dell

    Sassy had her 14th birthday this week… and more accidents. But she doesn’t seem to be covering them up anymore. She’s been such a great companion since I adopted her at 2 years old !

    • suz

      hey, that’s okay…I had a wonderful shih tzu that was at least 19 when he died, and he was senile the last 4 years of his life, and that was okay with me. They are THE BEST — these fabulous shih tzu’s…I can’t live without one.


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