11 Responses to “Sure…blame the cat…”

  1. Valgal

    He looks bummed that he’s been caught, and now you’re less likely to get rid of the cat.

  2. george

    Trust me. That beagle was just savin’ up snacks and forgot where he put them.
    I had a real hard time over thiswith mine. They love to roll it too.
    Beagles, just love poop. Any poop. Cat poop is like a delicatasian for them.

  3. Polly

    I agree with George, “Beagles just love poop. Any poop.” My neighbor’s beagle even eats his OWN poop!

  4. simim

    This is my favorite one so far.I’m so, so, so glad my pup just hides pieces of chewed up sharp plastic now.


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