7 Responses to “The French (missed) Connection”

  1. Mooba

    How mortifying. Wonder if your neighbor enjoyed your panties as much as your Frenchie?! Eek!!

  2. Bridget

    Oh come on! Your neighbor probably had the biggest laugh of the week over this, especially if he’s still got a living spouse. Frenchy was just entertaining them. Good boy!

  3. Shannon

    Hilarious! My dog takes all my stuff out the doggie door. I’ve came home to bras, panties, pots and pans all outside!

  4. Amy Carol

    Our beagle used to drag my husband’s boxers out into the back yard. He never took mine–those he chewed up before he could take them out.

  5. Heather

    I’m just wondering how your neighbor knew they belonged to you and not someone else in the neighborhood??


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