We want the whole treat, monkey! | Dog Shaming



Our friend Lee over at Sofa Dogs has a hilarious web series you really should check out.

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11 Responses to “We want the whole treat, monkey!”

  1. Emmydoh

    We all do that….dont we ??? They scoff them down so quickly I figured they wouldnt notice 🙂

  2. tj4vr

    My step mom does this and I have ratted her out to her dogs. And then when I would dog sit I would give them extra to make up for their stingy mom!

  3. Tami Caskey

    HYSTERICAL! We have started doing that because 3 of the four doxies have been gaining weight. I don’t think they’ve noticed…

  4. Polly

    Thanks for the morning giggle! I cut my little one’s treats in thirds because they’re too big for her to eat whole! (She doesn’t mind as long as they keep coming!)

  5. Molly

    This is awesome! Good to know I’m not the only one. I just haven’t been caught yet. 🙂


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