8 Responses to “Wink, wink, nudge, nudge”

  1. catie

    So naughty! My 8 yr old min pin (I’ve had for a year) just started becoming obsessed with rolling on my underwear. He’s been neutered since I got him, so it’s quite odd. At 27 I’ve never had a dog do this. From this site tho, I’ve learned it’s VERY common lol

  2. Christina

    I think she’s saying, “My Daddy is single, available, and I need another dog walker.”

  3. Mil

    Our chiweenie does the same. When we don’t see her for a while and everything is quiet, we know she’s in her cave (under the bed) eating undies. I should shame her one of these days! : )

  4. Jmper

    Thankfully my Minnie Aussie doesn’t eat the crotch out, but she does love to lick them! She carries around my pants like a security blanket. Uses them to cover her food dish and snuggles with them during storms. If I put them in the laundry basket she will dig through the basket to get to them. Not really a problem…until the last time I had company over she brought them to someone! I was so red, thank goodness shes cute or she may not have made it through the night!


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