13 Responses to “But it’s not open season yet!”

  1. D wilson

    I hope he’s in a witness re-location program??? Deer hold grudges and if he tells his buddies or family….

  2. cherigee

    Gonna be blunt. You need to stop that behavior and remove the opportunity NOW. Where I grew up, that is grounds for a dog to be seized by the wildlife commission and destroyed.

  3. Tia

    Looks part wolf, mine came home once with a leg she had ripped off a deer after she had escaped the yard! She’s very lucky she wasn’t shot! So is your dog…be careful! We had to improve our fencing

  4. NicolaC

    Oh dogshaming – I love you and I love dogs but this is terrible. Not amusing in the slightest. The dog should have been under control and/or muzzled near wildlife. The poor deer was probably terrified. Not a good call to keep this one posted.

    • mea culpa

      I agree totally – an injured animal isn’t really anything to laugh at – that dear is walking around with a bite wound. This is in very poor taste,


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