6 Responses to “Class 1 Misdemeanor”

  1. Pinta's People

    Some children should not be allowed telephone privileges! We know when riding in the car we have to use the kid locks anymore on the windows or our Pinta stomps on armrest until she has her window all the way down – in any season! But at least that only cost us a very cold breeze!

  2. Ann Y.

    I don’t understand why the 911 department had to fine this gorgeous dogs’ Dad, especially since it was an accident and things can happen when a dog steps on the phone. Dad, you have a wonderful dog there…I’m sure he won’t do it again 🙂


    Maybe his dad had it on speed dial and the pooch pressed it by accident when ordering pizza.
    Do you realize how many times the police have heard, “It wasn’t me, it was the dog” ?

  4. DT

    This is Dad. Technically she called 9113857635264958 while jumping on the bed. But she did insist the officer hold her hand. The ticket was dismissed by the county clerk who couldn’t stop laughing.


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