16 Responses to “Half-Groomed”

  1. Kim Cronin

    Such a cute boy!! On a serious note, I’d find another groomer. That is not a good reason to kick him out – aggression is a good reason but unauthorized pooping is not.

  2. Evilbeagle

    That groomer doesn’t deserve your business. Dogs poop. Sometimes, when nervous or excited, they poop in or on things they normally wouldn’t. A groomer that doesn’t get that shouldn’t work with animals.

  3. Stephanie mchugh

    We would never send a dog home half groomed for that. You Rewash them, and finish. Shame on that groomer.

  4. Pam

    Why would a groomer put a dog in the play area before they were done getting groomed in the first place?

  5. Myndi

    I’m a groomer and if I kicked out dogs for pooping I wouldn’t have many dogs to groom at all! If that kind of thing bothers someone they are in the wrong business. lol

  6. Celeste

    Thats ridiculous! no groomer worth their gruff would kick out a dog for that! Even the semi aggressive ones get groomed where I go, they just don’t get run of the space!

  7. tj4vr

    Overwhelming support for Dexter. Plus… didn’t Showtime teach us not to mess with anyone named “Dexter”?


    Dexter was accused of being a party pooper ?
    Maybe he was expressing his thought’s as best he could.

  9. Galahun

    I would be tempted to pick up some clippers and “half groom” the groomer! But then again I would be segregated into the aggressive section.


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