14 Responses to “I paid with my manhood, you pay with your life…”

  1. Tami Caskey

    Our Cocker Spaniel used to turn on the knobs to the gas stove. I learned to keep the knobs off when I wasn’t in the kitchen.

  2. T

    My dogs have managed to turn on the gas to the stove burners. Solved the problem by getting the child proof stove knob covers.

  3. Les Csizmadia

    …not buying it…he’s clearly innocent…not sure what that thing is on top of the stove that seems to have melted but its demise is definitely not of canine origin…

  4. Ann Y.

    Many years ago, I was in bed and I woke up when I smelled something. I realized it was the smell of gas (the stove kind lol) and bounded out of bed and into my kitchen. One of my dogs managed to push one of the buttons and turn one of the burners on just enough to release gas and not the flame. After I turned it off, I pulled all of them off and didn’t put them back on unless I was cooking. I have a dog nose (no pun intended) so I can smell all kinds of things other people can’t. Poor Lex stood there looking so guilty, but I couldn’t be mad at him 🙂

  5. stella

    Two of my dogs took their “anger” out on the vet, by refusing to be friendly to him after he removed their “manhood.” A third one still refuses to admit that anything is missing – he continues to “have his way” with his pillow and then sniffs it afterward to see if he was successful.

    I am glad I wasn’t held responsible.

  6. MM

    Why in the world do you get your males neutered? Would you remove the testicles of a teenager? Jesus, that’s sick.

    • Caramelia

      Because getting a male dog neutered is a MUCH less dangerous and invasive surgery than getting a female dog spayed? Snip Snap the balls are off, without cutting into his belly, risking damage to internal organs and / or the colon, etc etc.

      No, I wouldn’t remove the testicles of a teenager, but that’s a whole different story and no comparison at all. If you can show me how to teach a dog proper ways to have safe sex, then we can talk about not castrating male dogs.


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