10 Responses to “No dancing in the rain”

  1. amber

    Yep, have to do that with our beagle mix. I can top that by saying I have to crouch way down so the rain doesn’t hit him from the sides or he won’t go. He has me trained and I am no kid.

  2. Maggie

    I have a pug/boxer same thing. He was a rescue from Mississippi, and to add insult to injury we live in Maine, and he refuses to walk on ice or snow! But i will do anything for the little bugger.

  3. sheri

    One of my dachshunds is the same. Looks at me when I tell her to go outside when it is raining like “really?” I have a golf umbrella for times like this. One drop of rain and she is back through the doggie door is a flash.

  4. char

    My in-laws dog does tricks, but if you tell her to lay down on the cold tile she won’t. Only carpet. She also wont take table scraps unless you taste it first.

  5. jessicavye

    Pugs are so sweet because they are made of brown sugar, and thus will melt in the rain. At least that’s what my pug tells me when I try to persuade him to go outside.

  6. prinsas

    it’s a pug thing. so is standing on 3 feet, so as to keep 1 foot “dry. you’re a good pug mummy.

  7. Mary Alvestad

    I have a Pekingese like that. He looks out the door and cries if it is raining. I have to put a diaper (male wrap with a pamper) because he won’t go outside.


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