13 Responses to “No touch, no eye contact!”

    • Pittie Mom

      Bridget, you got me giggling with the Flintstone comment – but jack does look pretty cute.

  1. Marni

    Good. He deserves it. I’m betting you have him all kinda of warnings that you were uncomfortable with what he was doing and instead of listening, his ego and arrogance gets in the way, as usual, he just ignored your concerns. Good job, Jack!!!

  2. Leslin

    Come on people, let’s not be mean here.. this is a light-hearted humour website… and i’m sure Jack didn’t mean any harm!! BTW, I would love to see a picture of Jack with the Dog Whisperer!!

  3. Donna

    Oh my, but when I’m sort of glad. I wrote to him for advice for my dog’s behavioral issues and got an email reply that all dogs can’t be saved.

  4. banjokatt

    Can’t believe such a cutie would bite Cesar. He probably deceived it! The worst dog bite Cesar ever received was from a Lab! You can see it on Youtube. It’s quite impressive.

  5. wentona

    I am sure u warned him again, and again, but as so many in this world – they talk (or wisper as they say themselves), but far too many people/trainers just won’t listen to animals… next time, contact a dog-listener instead. That will work much better! <3


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