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  1. stella

    A couple of bits of skunk advice – there is a shampoo recipe on the internet using dish soap, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda that is pretty good. Be sure to only wet the parts that stink you don’t spread the stinky oils all over the dog.

    As for keeping it from happening again –

    Skunks don’t climb. So, if you have a fence, they are probably getting into your yard by crawling/digging under it. fill any holes (they can fit through rather small spaces) and if you can’t put anything under the fence, then put heavy things like stones or brick at the bas of the fence. My friend dug a trench next to his fence, poured cement into it, then covered it with dirt – can’t see it from the outside, but it has kept the skunks away.

    The skunk may also be living in your yard – maybe under your shed or deck. The time to board it up is late at night, after the skunks have left to find something to eat.

    Lastly, keep lights on in the yard, and the skunks will likely stay away (unless you have something delicious there) or turn on outside lights a few minutes before the dog goes out.

    Good luck.


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