7 Responses to “Surgery Addict”

  1. Shawn

    Looks like he might be mistaking the “cone of shame” for an actual ice cream cone….watch out….that could be his next entree!

  2. banjokatt

    Corn cobs aren’t good for either dogs or cats! I had a silver tabby who had an apparent intestinal blockage but x-rays and other diagnostic imaging showed nothing. He got sicker and sicker and was near death. The vet decided to open him up for surgery and discovered a small piece of corn cob blocking his intestines. Because the corn cob was fibrous, it hadn’t shown up on the x-rays. You would have thought we’d learned from that experience but somehow Oogie found another bit of corn cob and blocked himself again! My dad’s two dogs also have a thing for buttery corn cobs but I now know enough to put them in the garbage immediately so they won’t get into them into them!

  3. Susan Senn

    We bought a Simple Human self-closing garbage can from Contaier Store. Expensive but a heck of a lot cheaper than two surgeries….

  4. Pupfly

    I’m so glad he’s ok and that he has humans who are willing to pay for surgery. He’s a lucky, sweet boy!


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