8 Responses to “The Barkies: Vote for dog shaming!!”

    • dogs in the desert

      aelfheld, i did not have to enter any facebook info in order to vote, just an email address.

  1. aelfheld

    I entered my e-mail address but when I clicked on the ‘Vote for Dogshaming’ button a Facebook login popped up. Can’t get past it & there’s no indication that the vote was accepted.

  2. DogMom

    I can confirm that. I am not “on” Facebook (i.e., not a member, no Facebook page) and I was able to vote.

  3. DogMom

    Sorry. To be clear, I was responding to / confirming the “dogs in the desert” post about not needing to go through Facebook

  4. Pete

    And voted. For Dogshaming of course. No facebook here either just used email address and unticked the box for updates

    • Smartypants

      Pete – that worked for me too. To the folks who are having issues – I’m using Safari browser, don’t know if that makes a difference.


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