13 Responses to “Too old to care”

  1. Karen A Hitt

    “I just walked in here and look what I found…it must have been the cat. Uh, we don’t have a cat?”

  2. Chalase

    Yeah, the cuteness factor would almost let you get away with it. Also can we get some cat shaming, cause I have a 19.5 yr old cat that needs to be on this site!

  3. Marie

    Awwww naughty moppet! My 8 yr old doggie just had a stroke too…good thing that doggies recover from strokes so easily and quickly. You’re a cutie!

  4. Ravana

    After my old boy had a stroke we discovered his “limiter switch” (that little voice that says, “Maybe I shouldn’t do this.”) was totally wiped out by it. I suddenly had a puppy again, a 100 lb puppy that is!


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