6 Responses to “You can’t catch me, I’m the pilferingman!”

    • George

      Looks more like a coonhound, probably treeing walker coonhound.
      (or a combination)
      Great dogs except for the shedding. LOTS smarter than beagles (that’s what the “treeing” is, they’re the only coonhounds smart enough to look up in the trees for their quarry)
      Fantastic noses too, incredible sniffers.
      And they will bolt like nothing you’ve seen before when they see something that needs to be chased like a rabbit or something.

  1. George

    That’s how mine likes to play with everything. “Fetch” is not a known word around here.
    It’s throw, go get it, and now you chase me down.
    Her favorite thing is to get something, wait for me to chase her into the bedroom, then she jumps on the bed before I get there, and watches for my reflection in the window, so she knows the exact moment to turn around.


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