17 Responses to “A soul for your soles”

  1. Corrupt

    When you invest this much you know you are keeping the dog… and just think… how much she will save you in shoes… You know you can never buy expensive shoes ever again 😛

    • DogMom

      Well said, Rocky, well said. And what a sweet face she has! How can you not just love her to bits? Btw, thanks, Mama, from all your fellow Rescue Moms.

  2. R

    awww dont be mad at her. Thank you for taking her in and spending a lot of money treating her. You’re a gem!

  3. pupsnuggler

    Thank you for taking such good care of her. She only ate them because she loves you and they smell like you. What a sweet face. Hope you have both recovered now.

  4. Aramat

    For too long, the shoes taunted her from the unreachable place. Flaunting their leather uppers and rubber soles and 3″ heels. Because of your kindness, they taunt no more.

  5. MomOfThree

    It’s time to stop at doggie care, shop for shoes with a friend, and sip wine until the ghost-of-shoes-past fades. Besides, you know you love in dog not the shoes.


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