17 Responses to “Bulldog vs. Roomba”

  1. redthang914

    Oppps, I have to remember to get two very small dogs, so they don’t/can’t eat the Roomba!! Poor fella musta be so afraid of that thing……LOL Funny but not, as these things just don’t grow on trees!!!

  2. Pupfly

    This. This is my fear if I get a Roomba. That, and the quantity of fur killing it from the inside.

    On a different note, bulldog seems quite pleased with himself for protecting the world from evil robots. Good dog!

  3. Ann Y

    It would be fun to see what would happen if you took it back to the store and told them it’s defective! And your dog definitely is proud 🙂


      You want to return it because it’s defective ?
      Yes, it was working fine, then it just blew up !

  4. Texasj

    Yeah, I looked at my two yorkies, looked at the cost of the rumba…. thought about what they try to do to moving things…. bought a dyson instead. I still have to lock them up when I use it.

  5. N

    What is it like to be so rich you can drop almost a grand on a small vaccum? ~envious

  6. Ronnie

    Omg my dog did the same thing!!! Luckily I was able to get it replace Would you mind if I used this picture on my blog for lols and commiseration?


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