8 Responses to “Cassie the un-brave”

  1. Laura

    Is she a retired/rescued greyhound? There is so much they don’t know about poor babies: washing machines, tv, that all dogs aren’t greyhounds, how to have tummy rubs or dog treats. But I know loads who have been rehomed and with love and patience learn to be dogs.

    • Helen

      They’re amazing dogs. Have one called Cassie too and brindle like this little beaut. They all have these sad eyes, but they’re not sad at all. Very happy loving dogs and so lazy. Xxx

    • megan Lillich

      My boy is an 8 year old golden retriever whom we have had since he was 8 weeks old- he too is so scared of bags and boxes he will hurt himself to get away from them. and we have never given him any reason to be scared of them.

  2. Henryetta

    Yeah. I think someone used those things against her in some way. Maybe to scare her into running faster? Or to punish her with their noise? Give her time, be gentle, and she’ll probably learn to tolerate them without peeing. She’s so sweet looking.

  3. Amy

    Sometimes dogs have fears that we don’t know the origin of, just like humans. We had a Bassett who was afraid of plastic bags (any kind, any size), when they rustled he would run away. Yet we had him since he was 8 wks old and he came from a Bassett rescue run by a very nice lady. I can’t imagine she ever deliberately tried to scare him with a bag–perhaps the first time he saw a rustling bag it scared him because he was just a skittish little puppy. Having a fear of something doesn’t always mean that one had a bad experience with it. I’ve known several people who are afraid of flying who have never set foot on an airplane–but their fear is just as real to them as it would be to a crash survivor.


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