13 Responses to “Could you be[agle] any more disgusting?”

  1. Katherine

    My beagle gets it “hot out of the oven” if you know what I mean. Doesn’t even touch the ground. Gross, but how can you not love a beagle!!! 🙂

  2. char

    I have a golden and she does this. We have a litter pan that has the hood and the cats love it but we have to block the opening when we’re gone or the golden eats all the poo.

  3. cliff

    I had to make stands for our litter boxes so our dogs wouldn’t “clean” them for us. The cats are happier, Nd the dogs don’t have gray muzzled anymore.

  4. lorrie

    I have 3 beagles. a 10yr old 13″, a 4yr old 15″, and a 3yr old 70lb blue amstaff who IS A BEAGLE on the inside. my 2 real beagles are very selective with what they will eat. (I know, 2 picky eating beagles??) but my 3rd (DO NOT tell him he’s not a twin brother to my 4yr old tricolor who is 50lbs smaller, and she agrees they are twins too!) to prove he’s really a beagle will scarf everything! including a favorite dessert of kitty krunchies! got a litter box with a door, he will reach his very large bear paw in and scoop the Krunchies onto the floor. and all without a sound. we wouldn’t know what he did if his chin wasn’t coated with the krunchies sprinkles. I’m moving the litter box to inside the bathtub. he can’t reach inside there.

  5. Amy

    Having been owned by a beagle for 12 years I learned that there is almost nothing they won’t eat. On the short list: tube of VCR cleaner (early 90’s), knee nylon stocking, large decorative pinecone, untold number of crotches from underwear, chocolate covered coffee beans, the guest book from our wedding…..it is a miracle he never needed surgery, although we did have poison control on speedial. (Thank god we didn’t have a cat or he would’ve eaten “krunchies” also)

  6. Alice Ramirez

    For some reason beyond my understanding, dogs… ALL DOGS….regard cat poo as one of the finest gourmet delicacies. I have seen everything from hyper-pedigreed shelties to rescue dogs…when in my house ALL made a beeline for the cat boxes and, until I stopped them, feasted on the little brown cat tootsie rolls.

    Chacun à son goût!


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