13 Responses to “Down with Fedoras!”

  1. bluhare

    Perhaps the people who used him for fighting (judging by all those scars) were hat wearers and he’s rendering his opinion of them.

    • Stephanie

      That absolutely makes sense. When my uncle’s dog was little so boys wearing cowboy boots and baseball caps beat him up through the fence. Until the day the dog died no one, not even my cousins, could wear either around him.

  2. Lisa Ladouceur

    Free’s mom here: It’s weird as he never seems to have an issue with people wearing hats. I think it was probably due to getting used to the house schedule. He also ate a TV remote and chewed the side of my antique bench (or “added character”, heheh). Since he got a stuffy he’s not gone after anymore stuff! As for fighting, he was found as a stray so not sure if he was used for fighting or was just in a scrap. The area he was picked up is known for both its roaming dogs and organized fights, so anything is possible.

    • bluhare

      No matter Freeman’s past, it sounds like he’s in a great spot now. I agree with the other poster; great name!

    • Ann Y

      Lisa, thank you for rescuing Freeman. He’s a handsome fellow! From the looks of things, I’d venture to say that he was used as a bait dog. I’m glad he’s in a loving home now. May you have many wonderful years with him!

  3. PeanutPup

    Love, love, love, Freeman’s name. He definely is free now, and has a wonderful Mom to love and take care of him. Give him a little time to realize that you are there forever, and he will repay you with many years of love and devotion. They get really anxious when you leave, even for a few minutes at first. Ruby
    took over a year before she stopped destroying things, but turned out to be the best dog we’d ever had. I still tear up when I think of her. She passed away after 14 years.


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