10 Responses to “Griff is our Little Liability!”

  1. Aramat

    Wow! You would have thought a few of those things would have spelled the end for our friend Griff!

    Insurance is probably money well spent.

  2. Sarah

    Griff, you may have a face reminiscent of a fruit bat and a snaggle tooth, but you are awfully adorable.

  3. Jackie

    They are both very cute!! I can’t help but wonder HOW is the dog getting a hold of these items though? And thank goodness he’s fine.

    • katlyn

      Griff’s mom here: We didn’t know when we first got him, but he can open cabinet doors with his paws. Also, he can unzip purse zippers and learned how to knock things off the top of the fridge by slamming his body into the fridge. We have wised up to his ways, and he’s been safe for over a year now!

      • mea culpa

        Crafty little monkey and a hell of a (steep & expensive) learning curve for you! Glad you all survived it!

  4. Helen

    And I thought my girl was bad for her 8 unscheduled vet visits, 6 for “I ate something I shouldn’t” over the course of 2 years. A couple months?! Good luck to you!


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