6 Responses to “I eat when I’m bored”

  1. sandy

    aawwww..poor little guy.i have pugs and they are always upto something and love to eat..lol…dont be to hard on him. <3

  2. Robert Valentine

    I don’t want to alarm you.. but if the trail mix contained raisins, they are toxic to dogs. It doesn’t seem to be such an issue if a large dog eats a few raisins, but I would be somewhat concerned about a small dog eating a whole bag of trail mix if it had raisins in it.

  3. Melodie

    Aww puggy can’t do no wrong, because I have one and they are the sweetest huggable furry face.


    No dinner ?
    Come to my house for steak and spuds.
    No poopin in the house though.


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