27 Responses to “I just wanted to help…he didn’t want any help”

  1. Shawn

    Either someone rubbed bacon on it (which would make it not the pups fault) or the cat ran when he heard you coming (which still makes it not his fault)…..or it just exploded on its own…..all are feasible…..maybe…..

  2. Hannah

    My dog loves eating pumpkins too! He probably thought you left him a yummy treat on the step for him to eat 😛

    • Juls

      Laughing at Heidi’s comment… That might work – if you bought it at Nordstrom’s. They take back anything! 🙂

  3. Grumpy

    Pumpkins explode, they’ll do that to you. Or the Pup remembered the scary face on last year’s jack o lantern and attacked it in order to save the family. He is to be commended for his heroic actions.

  4. ellie

    Very funny comments, the “explosions” will come in a few hours, that is a lot of fiber!

  5. Leslie

    Hey now, how come there’s no evidence of pumpkin pulp on his paws or face? Hmm, the cat must have done this caper. He looks so sad to me..

  6. Rachel

    I’ve seen enough court shows to say no one actually knows what happened in 5 minutes! Plus was no one’s name on it!

  7. Heather

    The expressions on those 2 faces….priceless! I agree the pumpkin exploded, you can see the black marks from the point of ignition. I’m betting the cat put a cherry bomb in it.

  8. Liz T

    Oh this was all Diva’s doing. She’s 9 years old and can still chew something up in seconds. She likes to husk coconuts for fun too. She didn’t actually eat the pumpkin, just shredded it 🙂


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