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  1. stella

    A few years ago I was looking over a list of dogs up for adoption and discovered that, for the most part —
    – small dogs were terrier mixes
    – large dogs with short hair were lab mixes
    – large dogs with long hair were shepherd mixes

    There were a few exceptions, one of which was dogs (of any size) with 2 or more distinct colors were border collie mixes.

    • Spinderella

      I used to work as a vet tech and volunteered for a couple rescues. I think, honestly, the reason they label them the way they do is because 1) the volunteers were very young/green and had no idea on various dog breeds out there other than the most popular ones and 2) they intentional AVOID breed names that have stigma. I once saw an OBVIOUSLY pure-bred Rottweiler get renamed a “boxer-mix”. Etc. Happened all the time. Now the pitties (if they even make it to adoption…) are often “American Terriers”,”American Bulldogs”, “Boxer-mix”, etc.

  2. Fifi

    My boy looks like a Cairn Terrier and (maybe) Schnauzer mix. I had a DNA done a month or two ago and it came back 50% Min Pin, 25% Min Poodle and 25% Yorkie….

  3. Megan

    she looks like a pekingese mix to me. besides the rescue people a guessing most of the time anyway.

      • mea culpa

        Agreed the shape of her head is a dead give away for pekingese… a friend of mine adopted a puppy a while back that was labeled a lab mix – i took one look and told her chihuahua mix… i was right.
        As a rescuer I can say we do try our best but sometimes looks can be deceiving… whatever flavor mutt they wind up being we’ve never had one returned for mistaken breed….

  4. pattyvaughn

    DNA tests for dog are notoriously inaccurate. Even purebred Border Collies don’t test as Border Collies. However, I think you have a lovely Pekinoodle.

  5. corianne

    Several years ago, my sister adopted a dog that the shelter said was a cocker spaniel/dachshund mix. The first time I saw the dog, I knew she was mostly corgi. Her face and tail are wrong, but her body, coat, and coloring are classic pembroke. It kills me that the shelter people didn’t see it.

    Your pekindoodle is adorable, and another case of not being sure why she was labeled border collie. Besides the coloring (And really, not even that) I’m not seeing it.

  6. prinsas

    i am giggling just a little bit . . . hope there’s not a lot of sheep out in back yard waiting to be herded. she’s stinkin’ cute, and will easily fit on that armchair her whole life 🙂

  7. Galahun

    I adopted a lovely Beagle/Coonhound mixed dog. Then I ran into a gentleman who raised redtick coonhounds. There was no beagle in her just pure redtick coohound also known as American English Coohound. The recue folks said they took their best guess and that they were not familiar with coonhound breeds. Her purebred background wasn’t important to me, her sweet disposition was.

  8. Aramat

    Reminds me of the old Looney Tune . . . “I’m 50% Pointer (There it is! There it is), 50% Boxer, 50% Setter… Irish Setter, 50% Watchdog, 50% Spitz, 50% Doberman Pincher, but mostly, I’m all Labrador Retriever.”

  9. Marika

    HAHA I did the same thing for my rescue Aussie Cattle Dog. They knew she was Cattle Dog but thought she might be part Husky because of her one blue eye. Many thought she might be part Corgi…I thought part Beagle…I did the DNA and yes I was right she is mostly Cattle Dog, grandparents all Cattle Dog and one parent was Beagle…with Dalmation somewhere in the mix. I think they were right on…the one blue eye is classic Cattle Dog. Anyhow I don’t really care what she is she is precious to me but at least now I know why she needs to herd but also sniff every blade of grass she come across.

  10. Jean the dog walker

    I’m a dog walker and so see lots of mixed breed dogs. I love putting the breeds together and coming up with things like “pekinoodle”. (My personal favorite is the pit bull/beagles=pigle!) Enjoy your pup!

  11. Clover Dale

    I adopted a Border Collie/Shepherd cross who turned out to be a purebred Belgian Sheepdog (Groenendael). 🙂

  12. buttercup2

    We adopted Charlie from a shelter. They labeld him terrier mix. He turned out to be Dalmation and Greyhound! He had the longest legs and an could he run. Clocked him at 40-43 miles an hour! We could not catch him without our van when he got loose.

  13. Pam

    I bought a Labrador with a family 3 years ago and I had checked his parent…all pure breed. But, when my one grew up to 2 yr old. I find something different with my previous one. I got the test result and find out what happen to this huge guy, with 20% Great Dane! Anyway, I still loving him 😉


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