7 Responses to “Nightie Night”

  1. Dana

    I am currently wearing a cardigan that my hound decided to alter – I didn’t need that bottom button anyway – so I feel your pain! This morning I wore a scarf that he took out to the backyard, and when I retrieved it, I found that he’d decided it needed larger holes in one spot (it’s a loose weave, so it’s still easily wearable). Four-legged fashion designers never rest, it seems!

    • sheri

      My girls also have there own sense of fashion. They think that I need a few holes in my tee shirts to look trendy these days and provide their own alterations.

  2. LGarrison

    You never know with pound puppies :-). The shelter had her listed as a Swiss Hound mix, but after doing some research I think she is a Hungarian/Transylvanian Scenthound, probably mixed with some Rottweiler for good measure. She’s a very sweet girl but she loves dragging my clothes out, cuddling with them, and occasionally trying out her alterations skills.


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