7 Responses to “Not everyone enjoys grandma’s baking!”

  1. Cara

    I don’t want to scare you but maybe there is something wrong with grandmas health and dog can pick up on it. How long has she been barking at her? If it’s years never mind. If its something new, I’d get grandma a heath checkup.

  2. pupsnuggler

    My neighbour bugs me. My dog barks at my neighbour. I claim this is unrelated. Mere coincidence.

  3. Linda

    My sister’s Doodle started barking at my mom 1 hour before her stroke. My sister couldn’t figure out why. I agree with the other person that if this is new, please get Gram’s health checked. Dogs can smell some cancers and know when people will have strokes or seizures. They can hear things that we can’t like arrythmias.

  4. Niki

    My little monster does the same thing. She really does not like old ladies! Even women with light blonde hair are questionable in her eyes!


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