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  1. k bristor

    If this ever happens again, lay down flat on the ground and she will come running back to lick your face 🙂 .

    • nicole

      yeah, my trainer said the same thing! i have a doxie that will take off and look for the first person to go after, but if i drop down she’s like oh wait, what’s going on….and she comes back.

    • Stella

      One day, I found a stray dog. The dog wouldn’t come to me, and it was near a busy intersection, so I called animal control. Two officers showed up. The three of us tried for over 30 minutes to “catch” this dog in the middle of a side street (fortunately, we had moved away from the busy street) . They had treats and a leash on a long pole, but the dog kept running around. It finally dawned on me that this dog wasn’t scared, she was playing. So I calmly walked over the curb, sat down, held out my arms, and said, in a friendly voice, “Come here, baby!”
      The dog ran straight into my arms. I grabbed her collar and petted her. The 2 animal control officers stood around until I finally had to say “could you put the leash on her now?” She lived nearby, they put her back in her yard and left a note on the door.

      Another thing you can try is to get in your car, stop ahead of the dog, and open the car door. If your dog loves car rides as much as mine, he will jump right in.

  2. bordercollielover

    Also if you run the other way screaming funny noises and waving your arms like crazy they will come to you. I learned it from Victoria Stidwell “it’s me or the dog.” Its called recalling and it worked on every dog I’ve ever tried it on!

  3. c

    Dogshaming and Kidshaming? Even better? Why didn’t this exist when mine was little? Love it!

  4. hkferrara

    My dog did the same thing and looks very similar to your dog. Mine dog is Jack/Chi. She ran out to the neighbors house. They were about to get in the car and she just jumped in. Then jumped in the back seat and laid down like come on lets go. She is very quick too. Thank goodness my neighbors were cool about it.


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