8 Responses to “Science project gone wrong”

  1. Regina Woodill

    Our black lab ate an entire bar of Dial soap. I called poison control & the remedy — as gross as it was — was to take a turkey baster & fill it with peroxide, and force her to ingest it. Of course this was to induce vomiting. Here comes the best part. We had to follow her around the yard and clean up her vomit. Why? Because Dial soap apparently is like candy to black labs & she would have re-ingested the vomit. It was a very long night. She’s fine of course and we now keep the soap up where she cannot reach it.

  2. Grumpy

    Cup cakes with dish soap on them?

    Ummmm…..what kind of science class is your two legged non-fur child taking?

  3. ellie

    What a sweet looking dog, she just wanted to check the kids room and make sure they wouldn’t get in trouble bringing food in their room.


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