5 Responses to “The grub is always greener on the other side of the fence”

  1. Amy

    Reminds me of how we met our new neighbors at our first house. In the chaos of moving in our new 9 week old beagle pup made a break for it. He headed right for the neighbor’s house and followed one of their kids inside (apparently unnoticed–they had several kids and dogs-lots of in and out). We had to go and knock on their door, introduce ourselves and then inform them that our dog was somewhere in their house. Sure enough, after quite a bit of searching, he was located under the bed in their son’s room (I would imagine it smelled REALLY interesting under there). Fortunately, being dog-people they were very nice about it. Over the years their dogs more than made up for what our beagle did. At one point each house had two dogs (we adopted a basset) and both of their dogs were in the yard all day while they were at work. Both of their dogs were also VERY afraid of storms and every time it stormed they found their way under the fence, into our yard and through our doggie door. It got to be where I just left them a message on their answering machine (yes, it was a very long time ago) to come and get their dogs when they got home.


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