19 Responses to “Used dog for sale”

  1. jackie

    He is sorry! But I am sure you learned why it is better to walk/run your dog then ride alongside him 🙂

  2. Stephanie

    What a pretty boy! My dogs would never behave well enough to run next to a bike, but may do! They do have cool side bike things that allow a dog to safely run next to your bike and not run in front of you when a scary cat comes around!

  3. Dave j

    My dog attacks bikes (tires), so there’s no way he’s going to be running alongside one ever.

      • Lindsay

        I would disagree: pronged collars are cruel if used wrong (left on all the time, if you yank the leash with it on, etc.) but they can be an excellent way to keep a strong pulling dog in check.

  4. Stephanie Estep

    I have an acd…he likes to nudge cats with his nose until they get so angry they scratch him then he runs to me for comfort. …he just can’t seem to understand that he started it!!!

  5. Smartypants

    What a handsome mug shot! He says “I saved Mom from that weird cat with the alien collar…not sorry!” 🙂

  6. MeganG

    There is a thing called the Cycleleash. Anyone who rides with their heeler should look into it. It keeps them at your side and doesn’t allow them to cut in front. Just an FYI!


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