13 Responses to “You get a new chair! And you get a new chair! Look under your chair, it’s a new cat!!”

  1. Veronica

    I feel for you. Really. (One of mine is declawed. The other’s nickname should be ‘The Shredder.’) (Your cat *is* adorable, though. *Ultra* adorable!)

    • mea culpa

      BTW – I’m not meaning to attack you. The fact that “The Shredder” remains intact leads me to believe you either educated yourself after the first one or it was done before the cat was yours. I’ve seen a mess of declawed cats be surrendered to rescue – most often for behavioral issues (biting, hissing, peeing, etc) that are a direct result of having been declawed.

      • Veronica

        Actually, I had no choice whatsoever but to declaw Roxy (the first). No. Choice. (Due to living conditions.) She has had no ill effects whatsoever. Actually, the issue of declawing is hotly debated: Many in rescue feel that if it’s a matter of relinquishing the cat because of shredding or having the cat declawed and keeping it, it’s a no-brainer. Would I have done it unless I had to? No. Absolutely not (which is why Rambo has his claws). But if I were to adopt another, I *would* look for a senior who is *already* declawed. And no, I haven’t felt at all that you were attacking me. Quite simply, it’s not exactly a matter of pulling out the swords; it’s a matter of voicing your opinion (and I happen to agree with you, but I know, of course, the dreadful particulars in this instance). Thanks, you.

        • Jean the dog walker

          Bravo! I’m so glad there’s someone who knows both sides of this issue!

  2. Bob Nichols

    Covered a paper barrel in carpet. and put in a couple shelves and they used that as their play toy and scratching post. If they scratched anything else, while they were doing it, used a water spray bottle on them. If they scratched the barrelo, they got praise…. only took 2 months…..

  3. dn

    Please don’t declaw, it is so painful for them! If they ever escape outside, they will be defenseless.

  4. Jimni's

    If you’ve ever been rabbit punched by a declawed cat, you know they are far from defenseless. On that note, my cats NEVER go outside.

  5. Gary

    Yeah, I volunteer at a shelter, too…I can’t tell you how many cats (and kittens!) we get back right after they’ve been declawed and now have “behavior issues”. It’s just sad.

    Try the SmartCat Ultimate Scratching post – it’s the BEST! And I took in a cat who had obviously never seen a scratching post before. When he found the SmartCat Ultimate, he went NUTS! Grabbing it and clawing it like it was the best thing he’d ever done! He was thrilled with the thing … and I never had to worry about my furniture (we got a few of them and placed them around – works like a charm). The SmartCat Ultimate is tall, stable, and has a surface cats like (better than the carpeted ones). No commercial interest, just a satisfied customer!

  6. WendLburg

    Deja Vu! Google the image “Dewey the cat”, and you’ll see how close this hot is to him. Same pose and everything! CUTE!


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