7 Responses to “Cat food > dog food”

  1. 3 Dogs in CoMo

    Even when I’m in another room, I always know when our dogs are eating the cats’ food because their tags make a different sound rattling against the smaller bowl.

  2. Andy

    My dog INHALES cat food! When caught, he grabs one more mouthful and runs off to eat it at his leisure.

  3. John Blizard

    Every dog I have ever had loves cat food! I had one dog that I used to give a can of stinky wet cat food to on her adoption day anniversary each year. Took her about, oh, 4-5 seconds to inhale it. I think that ritual helped her to live to 16

  4. Shel

    I’ve heard cat food is higher in protein which is why the like it. Same with kitty candy bars from the litter box. I just think they like stinky stuff.


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