9 Responses to “Cutting corners”

  1. computiac

    It’s a good thing he was there watching.
    The corner thieves might have taken the whole table if he wasn’t.

  2. Aims

    what a defiant look on his face! lol. no shame there! its a face that says he was totally in his right to do this!

  3. Heather

    Obviously the corners were too sharp and a hazard. He was just helping to accident proof the house.

  4. Jmper

    One of my best memories about out late cocker Cody was from his puppy days. He was chewing the knobs on my mom’s wooden sewing cabinet while looking at her with shifty side eyes. He knew what he was doing was wrong but did he care? Naw. Thats how he earned the name Cody the Distructor. The best of them all was when my mom’s peace lilly finally bloomed…yup he would walk by and snarf each bloom. I miss the monster.


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