13 Responses to “Giving thanks to the vet!”

  1. Niki

    My shih tzu managed to get her paws on an entire bag of licorice and ended up at the emergency vets at about the same time on Christmas eve. That was a fun time! Glad your little guy is ok though

  2. k8

    My schnauzer are a bowl of potpourri on Christmas eve and spent 3 days in doggie icu with pancreatitis.

  3. Dr. ABC

    My toy poodle ate 1/2 pound of Hershey’s one day, but that wasn’t nearly as bad as her pommie siblings some years later. They ate two giant brownies they found on the ground during one of their first walks in South Texas. It turns out the brownies had more weeds in them than the stuff on the ground. It was Thanksgiving, we hadn’t found a vet in our new area yet. She was sick and finally threw up; he was having a baaaaaaaddd trrrrriiiiiiiiiippppp. So we had to pay holiday emergency fees and introduce ourselves to the vet as the idiots who let their dogs eat mary jane laced brownies. My male finally threw up in his vet kennel, bit the vet and the vet tech and bled all over my shirt. Alas, these were in the decades before Dog Shaming. But everyone recovered, except for my shirt.

  4. Cindy

    It really looks like he is saying “hey, do you have any of that candy bar left?”
    Not sorry!


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