6 Responses to “Habitual Offender”

  1. Linda

    Baby looks soooo sad. Child proof locks work great on cupboard doors. I have a Bichonpoo who loves to dig in the trash. If it is a free standing trash can, can u put it on the counter or in a room with the door closed? Your pup just wants to be good. Please give a tummy rub and kiss fromus.

  2. Dragon

    Oh this dog gets through ANYTHING…. he’s bored! He enjoys shredding anything and everything… he honesty should have his own page…. he cracks me up…he’s so proud of his accomplishments!

    • Max's Mommy

      Oh I have been telling that woman for a year that he needs his own page! He’s got shredding (while looking cute) down to an art!


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