17 Responses to “He ate the bed”

  1. bordercollielover

    He is a beautiful dog! My dogs totally enjoy to rip up foam bed covers, there is just something about them!

    • Jennifer

      Now that I’ve regained my senses and looked at the photo for a while, maybe it’s just the topper that he ate? Not the actual mattress? I’m hoping so.

      • RorytheDowntownDane

        Well, it was mostly the topper, but there was definitely holes dug out of the actual memory foam mattress. We actually had to flip it upside down…

        What you didn’t see, however, was the carpet in the corner pulled up and the undercarpet torn as well (that’s what the blue pieces are in the picture).

        Follow his shenanigans at @rorythedowntowndane on Instagram.

  2. Michelle

    I Was Worried That The Dog I Was Sitting Ate Hi Little Bed. Could Have Been Much Worse. Luckily My Dane Never Ate anything


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