13 Responses to “Massive Mastiff”

  1. Cheryl

    Awwww, that big ‘ol lunk head was thirsty, and got scared. Just love love love big gentle giants like Him (or her).

  2. Deb

    Having a Mastiff myself I know how strong these dogs are and they definitely could rip a toilet out no problem. Ours accidentally got his collar stuck on a cabinet door knob once, proceeded to freak out before we could free him, and ripped the entire door right off the hinges taking half the cabinet with him! Very powerful when they want to be, but such gentle giants the majority of the time. I can only imagine what the slobber was like after having his mush stuck in the toilet! LOL. It’s a daily occurrence in my house.

  3. VW

    Dogs like to drink from the toilet because the water there is cooler. Maybe you could put ice in his water like I do.
    Yes, you have to replenish it during the day, but my dogs are my babies: I love to make them happy.


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