12 Responses to “Mmm…donuts, DOH!”

  1. Dana

    That is an amazing guilty face. Like, if I don’t make eye contact, I don’t have to admit that it was ME. Niles is SO cute.

  2. Peg

    I agree Erin! We know what we’re in for & we do it again anyway! But theres no such thing as boxer proof… they always find a way! ♡

  3. gloria

    My dog, just the other day, did the same thing….not a boxer, but keeps me on my toes…have to love counter surfers…..

  4. StorybookCottage

    Good for you for rescuing! He is sooo cute! He looks like he is thinking “it was wrong, but those donuts were so worth it!”

  5. Grumpy

    You weren’t proving the ones who came before him with such a sweet sweet temptation as donuts. Mmmmmmm donuts.

    Boxers have mad ups.

  6. Fran W

    Niles looks like he needs a hug! My boxer rarely has a guilty face because nothing pleases her more than thinking she got away with something.


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