11 Responses to “Rain, Rain, Go Away”

  1. Amanda

    My boxer refuses to go outside when it rains too. She’ll hold it until she can’t anymore, and then will reluctantly go outside. She’s such a princess!

  2. amber

    Since this is anonymous – I will admit that I used to go outside with my dog and a giant umbrella. I have to walk like a duck, down low, so he doesn’t get wet or he won’t go.

  3. Kristin Moore

    My boston doesn’t like to go out in the rain either. I have to go out with him and hold the umbrella.

  4. Grumpy

    I’m with you fella!

    Walking bare foot in the soggy grass, being poured on, and trying to pee on the lawn…pfft.

  5. Christina

    My beagle is a fair-weather pooch too! He’s got a bladde of steel when it’s raining.


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