10 Responses to “Single hand-knit sock for sale, don’t ask about its partner”

  1. tine

    omg, as a sock knitter, i’d be REALLY careful to not let the dog near my socks. a lot of hard work goes into those!

  2. bordercollielover

    Been there, done that. Just try pulling an 8 inch piece of mulch out! I still don’t even know how an the world that went through his intestine!

  3. Corrupt

    Her insides were cold and needed something to insulate her organs….have a one or two little mishaps trying to find a solution and end up on dogshaming!

  4. Cindy

    Well, as my knitting T.V. Show says “take time for yarn everyday”…
    (Butt, I’m sure they were not thinking about it this way)


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