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  1. eldochamp

    Bella looks so much like one of my dogs Possum. I rescued her from the side of the road where folks had dumped her and her brother. Brother Amos moved from Arkansas to Nebraska with his Lutheran preacher dad family. Possum is now 14. She is slowing down some (thank goodness). She has chewed through many beds, taught other dogs how to climb out of the yard, and has been a friend to any child who has come to visit.

  2. John Blizard

    Getting a new dog reminds all of us dog people why we love our dogs so very much, even when they leave us and our hearts are broken in the passing.
    When my 16 yo dog died in 2006, I wasn’t sure I could love my new rescue that I adopted a month later as much as my old girl. I was wrong! Never forget your old dogs, but love your new dogs with all your heart and all your soul and you will be rewarded.
    Sorry for the long winded reply!

  3. MotherOfThree

    Our resue was here as a foster/trial. His 1st night he howled in his crate, so he came sleep on a dog bed in our room.
    He’ll be an official family member this Sunday.


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