14 Responses to “The Barking Dead show cut short”

  1. Pittie Mom

    Lucy, you are one pretty girl! And so smart; when you are done with your outside business, you are just letting your family know you are ready to come back in. Sometimes the TV is a bit loud for them to hear you so you problem solved…

  2. Kyra

    What a smart girl! How much time does she spend outside? Winter’s coming… I hope she’ll be indoors!

  3. jackie

    Great idea Lucy! Seems like the only one in my house that can hear the ‘doggy doorbell’ is the one not in front of the TV (me)!!

  4. fanghopper

    I just submitted a photo here…my dog pulled the satellite TV cable right off the house and through the wall. No, he is not neglected and left outside for hours. I let him out to do his business for about 15 minutes. He is young and rambunctious and in a chewing stage and he is a powerful dog. He gets plenty of exercise and is well loved and it was not cold out. This site is meant to be funny. I hope I don’t regret contributing.


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