10 Responses to “What’s that new air freshener scent?”

  1. Love Atlas

    Aww mom, he didn’t mean to leave his poopee in the car! He looks adorable! Hugs & kisses angel Atlas. Stay warm

  2. StorybookCottage

    Atlas, you are looking very handsome! If it’s chilly where you are you might need a sweater when you go out with that brand new haircut!

  3. EliFeels

    I found out when my dog “poops” when frightened it’s actually anal glad secretion and that’s why the fishy metallic smell. I only tell you this gross fact I’m case that’s what your Maltese dude is doing because it’s a sign that he’s got too much if he has enough to squirt like that which can cause discomfort. it can be “fixed” by draining the gland about once a month. tmi I know (but my dog needed surgery it was so full and infected because nobody told me. cute dog,


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