7 Responses to “All signs point to “AHHHH!!!””

  1. Samantha-Anne

    My Catahoula, Bayou, is terrified of everything too. The sound of the coffee pot puts her in a tizzy. I’m not sure how she would handle a sign hung around her neck. O_o We refer to her as a scairdy-dog. She’s my baby and I love her even if she runs when I move in my chair.

  2. Sharon

    My dog is named TAZ, because he hears his toe nails click, panics, and attempts to run on the hardwood floors. His feet move in a blur like Bugs Bunny’s, Tasmanian devil. The vet said he needs doggie Zanex.

  3. Josie

    We adopted a scaredy rescue dog. We finally resorted to calming medicines and she now has a very positive outlook on life. All is not perfect, but she is able to enjoy life now. It’s worth a try with your pup…

  4. Deeta

    Archer, you are a most handsome little fella and you must well adored. My Scruffy is also afraid of many things and I love him dearly.


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