20 Responses to “I Moost ask you a question!”

  1. Laura

    Excuse my ignorance (the UK is moose-free) but aren’t moose huge – that’s sounds really scary? Although not scary enough if he went back for more. Anyway just wanted to say what a handsome chap he is especially for 15 ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Nicole

      You’re correct! Moose are HUGE and extremely dangerous when angered or threatened. Especially mama moose with babies. They will seek out and trample any threats. When left alone, they’re absolutely beautiful and surprisingly graceful!

    • Kim

      Yes, moose are huge! He is lucky not to have been more seriously injured or even killed. Poor baby.

  2. Laura

    My boy tried to protect me from a moose when he was 14. Most terrifying thing I’ve seen. Hope your little pumpkin is doing well!

  3. robboo

    hard to tell he’s 15 he does look like he went 8 rounds with mike tyson give him alot of tlc!


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