11 Responses to “Who you gonna call? Not this guy!”

  1. me

    My dog once jumped up from bed at night and went straight to growl at the front door, curled up in front of it and growled all night… scared the beejesus out of us (and we did not see anything outside).

  2. madisonpage0208

    We used to own a 1900 Victorian home. Our first dog used to run the stairs, stared at the wall in the darken staircase then barked. It’d been confirmed we had friendly spirits. Still, our dog’s bark freaked us out! We miss our boy.

  3. Grumpy

    Keep telling yourself its at nothing.

    Animal outside (cat, dog, racoon, possum, yote, squirrel, bobcat, etc) or the house is haunted or the house is on an Indian burial ground, or rats in the walls, or roaches in the walls? Could be a lot of things….

  4. pupsnuggler

    I love Grumpy’s replies. You always make me laugh. I love it when i hear a bump, both the dog and I jump and I say “darn cat” only to see the cat sitting at the window and nowhere near the noise.


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