4 Responses to “Bathroom rug doubles as pee pad”

  1. Sharon C.

    My dogs used to use my bathroom rug as a pee pad too! Only way I’ve managed to prevent it, is, as soon as I’m done with my shower, I pick up the rug, fold it, and set it on a stool I have in the bathroom, so they can’t reach it. Of course they still think any other throw rug around the house is fair game.

  2. Shari

    Your dog is very, very cute!

    Like Sharon C., my dogs used to do this, too. I started hanging the rugs up on the shower rod as soon as I’m done using them so that they’re not fair game. One of my dogs still wants to use the throw rugs, but only one certain one… once I tossed that one, she lost interest. I do treat “accidents” with Nature’s Miracle or Odor Fix so that the rug isn’t a calling card for more pee.

  3. sheri

    I have dachshunds – 4 of them. They hate the rain so will pee in the house and learned this years ago. I have towels especially for my girls and & when it rains, I put it down for them. They pee on it and not my rugs. Saves me and them lots of anguish. Then I just throw in the washer. Usually leave one out at night as my 17 year old doesn’t like to go out any more after dark. Pee pads don’t work for me as my girls just see them as toys.


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