9 Responses to “But the stuffing’s the best part!”

  1. Candace

    I’m going to have to use “pooping out cotton like [he’s] Eli Whitney.” 🙂

  2. Kate

    Careful of the stuffing free that look like dead animals! My lab swallowed one and part stuck in her stomach part in her intestine. Surgery was required! Much worse that cottony poop!

    • FiFi's Food-Lady

      Holy moly, what a nightmare for you! I guess the moral is to never underestimate the capacity of a lab to swallow something. Glad she was okay in the end.

  3. Dana

    My hound LOVES to yank out all of the stuffing like it’s his job! But we’re lucky, because he spits out all of the stuffing, unless it sticks to his tongue. In that case he makes crazy faces until I go over there and swipe it off of his tongue. Baby. 🙂

  4. corianne

    My dog discovered the fiber fill in my sewing supplies. It was like he discovered a secret stash of ice cream! He was severely disappointed when I moved it out of his reach–he’ll still occasionally beg to get in to my sewing stuff.

  5. Cathy R

    Those squirrels are the best dog toys, though- my four have destroyed at least a half-dozen of them!


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