6 Responses to “Do-nut look at me, you left them unattended!”

    • Caramelia

      Helen, chocolate can be lethal for dogs – better safe than sorry! Some dogs have a harsh reaction to just a little bit of chocolate, other dogs don’t have a reaction at all. The problem (like with any kind of allergy) is, that if symptoms already show, it might be too late for treatment. So getting to the vet and getting the chocolate eclair out asap was the best course of action 🙂

      • Sarah

        Dogs aren’t allergic to chocolate. They do however metabolize theobromine and caffeine very slowly. The darker the chocolate ( the more cacao in the product), the more theobromine and caffeine. The rule of thumb for something like milk chocolate is an ounce per lb of body weight. I’m assuming that dog above is about 8 lbs. He would have had to eaten around 8 oz of glaze/filling. I don’t know too many eclairs that have a 1/2 lb of chocolate.

  1. Sarah

    Helen, I think a lot of people on here have vets who like to make a buck over the best interest of the pup. Unless that eclair was dipped in an entire layer of 85% dark chocolate, it wasn’t going to do anything but give the dog an upset stomach.

  2. Heather

    My dog ate a bag of spilled chocolate chips and he was totally fine. (He did have rancid gas though :P)


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